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Hi, I'm Matt Bernier

I help Product Managers figure out how to be the Product Manager everyone wants on their project team by being more organized, having better information, and doing higher quality work more efficiently.

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The Proactive Product Manager Collection

Get Organized, Stay Organized, and Be Proactive

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Squash Chaos Today

Get your Backlog Organized and Prioritized in less than an hour

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This is where you can expand on who you are, what you're known for, any accomplishments/credentials that you have, and how you came to help the people you serve.

Through her best-selling books, training courses, and sold-out LIVE events, Michael Doe has inspired hundreds of thousands of educators worldwide to add FUN and imagination in the classroom to get students more actively engaged and enjoy learning.

Michael has proven that it doesn't matter your age, what you teach, what grade students you work with, or how many resources your school has...if you have passion and a little creativity and imagination, you can light a spark in your students that get them EXCITED to come to school and spend time learning in your classroom.

Benefit Headline

Add an intriguing, benefit-driven line or two that gets them excited to consume the content you’re most known for.

Add a description of what your content is (podcast, blog, YouTube videos, etc…) and what they’ll gain/learn/come away with when they consume it. You can add anything that builds social proof and trust, like that you have over 2,000 5-star reviews, top ranked, listened to in 17 countries, etc…

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