Meet Matt Bernier

Throughout my career, I have been asked to take on mission critical projects and teams because I figured out a method for staying organized and keeping communications high, that keeps the higher ups happy, and builds trust with my Engineering coworkers. I love being a Product Manager, because it means I get paid to help make other people's jobs easier through my products, processes, and by teaching others.

I found my way from building applications and business card websites to my first Product role by pitching my grand-boss on a role I didn't know how to do on a new team that didn't exist yet. I was only interested if I could build the SendGrid Developer Experience Product team.

From that first move into Product, I have had the privilege to work on multiple Technical Product teams building high quality products with great customer experience by building teams and processes that support collaborative iteration.

  • ​Set Clear Expectations: Through consistency and Organization
  • Build Happier TeamsInspired Engineers build better products
  • Squash the Chaos: Proactively remove the constant pings for updates.